I sincerely hope all is well with you and your family. I know that you have a lot going on but I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to read this message. 

Like most of you, I fear that DeSoto County can become more like Memphis. 

 As you probably know, DeSoto County Supervisor, Bill Russell is retiring at the end of this year.   This presents a great opportunity to bring a new perspective to the Board of Supervisors…..

I believe that I have “proven results” of my sincere commitment to Southaven neighborhoods and DeSoto County over the past four decades.

DeSoto County is certainly, one of the best places in Mississippi to live and call home. However, we know that our future may not be as bright as it once was. 

We cannot depend on our National or even State leaders to make sure that our future and our children’s future will have a solid foundation that is moral, safe and secure. I believe that we must take hold of the reigns and ensure these things on the local level. 

I am determined to work with our educators, ministers, political, business, and civic leaders to make surethat we do everything necessary to insure we are prepared for the many challenges that lay ahead.



Today, every segment of our society is declining and our churches and values are  under attack.

I will work closely with area ministers to protect and encourage the beliefs that are the foundation our Country was built on.


Keeping your family safe –  where you live and work and where your children go to school.

I will work closely with local law enforcement to insure they have the funding and man power they need to protect your family.


Keeping our Communities and Citizens safe.

We’ve been fortunate to keep most serious crime low, but we see the trends and fully  understand that we must be vigilant and tough on crime in order to keep it this way.

This is the reason I started Colonial Hills Neighborhood Watch and I will promote starting Neighborhood Watch programs in all areas of the County.  Neighborhood Watch works.


DeSoto County is blessed to have a great school system with four of the top ten schools in the state being located right here in Desoto County.  But we must work to keep our place!  As our society changes we must be ready to address the big issues – safety, crime, drugs and bullying – so that our teachers and students can focus on Education.

I will work with the Sheriff’s Office and School Board to make sure we have a School Resource Officer in every School to protect our children and get on top of these crimes. Stopping Bullying must be a priority – losing another life due to bullying is unacceptable!  And we must keep our outstanding teachers by providing appropriate compensation and resources.


Our seniors deserve opportunities and amenities that support their interests and needs as they progress into their retirement years.

I will support development designed to help make their lives enjoyable, healthier and productive. This includes Retirement Communities, nursing homes and other services to allow our Seniors to enjoy their years in the County they call home.  Families should not have to drive to a neighboring County to visit loved ones.


We are blessed to live in DeSoto County with low taxes, good roads and safe neighborhoods.

I have proven results that I will work to make sure that we do the things necessary to encourage growth in a controlled manner while keeping us safe, sound and secure!


I am asking you for your support.

Please vote Charlie Hoots Supervisor District 3 August 6th

Thank you and may God richly bless you all.

Charlie Hoots


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